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Spring Valuations and Blue Module partner on ESG Reporting for Sustainability Paragraph

Spring Valuations and Blue Module are collaborating on ESG reporting for the Sustainability Paragraph 2.0 (DuPa 2.0). Lennard Hoekstra, managing partner of Spring Valuations, states: "At Spring Valuations, we are conducting more and more valuations for banks, with ESG reports being an essential component. Collaborating with Blue Module was a logical step."

Paul Wessels, founder and CEO of Blue Module, adds: "We know Spring Valuations as an innovative player in the valuation industry. We are therefore delighted about our collaboration in ESG reporting for banks."

Blue Module, recognized by banks as a provider of ESG data, offers 88 data points automatically. These data points enable valuers to efficiently provide the necessary DuPa information on actual energy consumption, climate risks, sustainable environments, and sustainability costs to banks. For the DuPa 2.0-required information on sustainability costs, Blue Module collaborates with the French/Dutch company Oxand.

Spring Valuations Netherlands, a leading valuation company that became independent from Spring Real Estate last year, has since been able to strengthen its profile as a specialized and dedicated valuation service provider. Spring Valuations distinguishes itself with its own valuation model, seamlessly integrating the sustainability information generated by Blue Module.