Create your own specialized database

One place for your project management, capacity planning and time registration in a centralized database with all your data regarding the health and sustainability of your buildings.

Up to 70 % savings in working hours*

ESG projects are complex operations in which information from various sources (building management systems, energy, documents) must be brought together.

Considerable efficiency advantages are achieved by bundling this information through the process management of Blue Module. Blue Module can also be used by the ESG team to effectively manage external contractors.

*The architecture of the Blue Module can be characterized as Data Fabric. Gartner defines data fabric as a design concept that serves as an integrated layer (fabric) of data and connecting processes. This can reduce data management efforts by up to 70% (Source: Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022).

Ready for ESG projects and stricter government regulation

With Blue Module's software, you will be ready for ESG projects within building and portfolio, build your own distinctive ESG database, and comply with increasing government regulation.

Create value through satisfied users

Sustainable and healthy buildings house happy users who have more energy, are healthier and perform more.

Distinguish yourself in the market

  • Gain insight into your own real estate portfolio.
  • Join the leading group of companies working towards a sustainable and healthy world.
  • Sustainability and health make the difference between winning and losing.
  • A sustainable and healthy brand for your customers.
  • Save costs through efficient business operations.
  • Attract more tenants at higher rents.
  • Realize higher returns.

Achieve your health and sustainability goals

  • Overview: Report health and sustainability performance internally and externally: to shareholders, tenants, banks, government and certification bodies.
  • Efficiency: Everyone works with the same information and then the chance of errors is minimal.
  • Lower costs: By smartly integrating your projects related to sustainability and health, you save considerably on costs.
  • Online collaboration: Collaborate online with your own advisor or find the right expert in the Blue Module Expert Center that suits your company.

Master your own information

  • Control your own information with your own database.
  • Only if you consciously share, data will become visible outside the organization. Your information is safe in the private cloud.
  • Easy to use: Software is delivered as SaaS, so can be used directly via the internet any-place, any-where, any-time.
  • Avoiding double entry of information: 'Snap-on' on existing systems that use data standards.