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RICS releases information paper 'ESG and Valuation'

At the first European edition of the WBEF (World Built Environment Forum) in Venice last week, the 'information paper ESG and Valuation' was presented. This new European vision marks the beginning of the framework for how ESG should be integrated into the value proposition of real estate and will soon be shared with stakeholders.

This paper came to fruition thanks to months of intensive work by the RICS Valuation Professional Group (formerly the valuation committee) of RICS. Paul Nelisse, Koniwin Domen, Hans Stroet, Richard Pietersen, Jef Folkers, and Paul Wessels have spent many hours on this.

Joël Scherrenberg, Chair of the RICS Netherlands Board, announced yesterday that the paper will be shared with all members and stakeholders shortly. At that time, the list of intended ESG criteria, which have been aligned with all (international) stakeholders such as the EBA, EMF, INREV, EPRA, ECB, etc., will also be shared.