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Reuters study: importance of ESG increases amid 'perfect storm'

Thomson Reuters has compiled a special report, ESG Under Strain. This report has been published to scrutinise the current challenges for governments, companies and investors as time runs out to set and meet targets for 2022-23 and beyond.
A near-perfect storm of geopolitical, social and economic forces has strained the environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals of companies, investors and governments this year - a situation that is likely to continue next year, according to the special report.

Click here to download the report.

The report includes an assessment of the headwinds currently facing the green transition and its likely direction, with reflections on:

  • The war in Ukraine
  • Political polarisation in Europe and beyond
  • Challenges to meeting commitments and accountability
  • Strong economic downturn

Amid these trials, for many citizens, shareholders, business leaders and government officials, the importance of the underlying principles of ESG has not diminished. Indeed, the need for companies to earn their social licence through the careful application of well thought-out ESG initiatives seems to be increasing.

Click here to download the report.