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Blue Module and Freesi unveil CSRD Solution at Expo Real

Dutch ESG accounting software provider Blue Module and Finnish indoor climate management specialist Freesi have teamed up to offer a practical solution to help companies meet the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) leveraging the People Health Index. This unveiling is set to happen at Expo Real.
Their collaborative project underscores the essential role of cohesion and cooperation in the evolving ESG landscape. “Collaboration between all parties in the chain is essential when it comes to ESG, which naturally includes proptech companies like Freesi and Blue Module,” noted Samu Niska, CEO Freesi.

The partnership champions a holistic approach to achieving CSRD compliance across all levels of real estate management. Central to this is the People Health Index, a tool integrated into
Freesi’s solution, which works seamlessly with Blue Module’s ESG dashboard to provide comprehensive, actionable insights that go beyond mere data collection.

Moreover, Blue Module emphasizes stakeholder involvement at each stage, encouraging companies to identify and involve pertinent stakeholders in a double materiality assessment, aligning with the CSRD’s mandate for structured, and reliable sustainability reporting, said Paul Wessels, CEO of Blue Module. As businesses navigate the relatively new terrain of CSRD reporting, the combined expertise of Blue Module and Freesi offers a roadmap to not only achieve compliance but to foster healthier and more sustainable indoor environments.