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LIVE Expo Real: Impact ESG & Sustainable Investment

The rise of ESG – Environment, Social, Governance – has been a guiding principle for global investors and institutions for a while, but after the pandemic there has been a significant growth in investor demand for responsible investment and impact strategies.
Investors are increasingly targeting positive environmental and social benefits in addition to market-rate returns. Impact investing is now on the agenda for investors and occupiers, but what does this mean in practical terms? What are the key drivers and the key strategies? What are the main trends in the market? What are the opportunities and what are the challenges? How easy is it to measure the impact of a specific strategy? What are the key sectors that fit an impact strategy? How does it apply to the office sector? What about residential? Will the trend focus more capital on areas such as Senior Living, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Affordable Housing? What about urban transformation plans or infrastructure projects? How is impact investing developing in different markets and countries across Europe? Is it a 'one size fits all' approach or are different markets at different stages? As more companies now articulate a social purpose, what do we mean by 'social value' and 'social purpose'? To what extent has our understanding of impact investing changed during the pandemic?
Join the expert panel for this briefing to discuss these themes and get to ask your questions in the interactive live session.

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