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IQBI and Blue Module initiate partnership

QBI, a specialist in the field of smart meters, and Blue Module, a leader in ESG accounting software, are collaborating. The joint goal is to make ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) not only accessible but also impactful for companies.

QBI brings expertise in collecting extensive energy data from a range of sources, including building management systems, energy registrations, and documentation. Leveraging real-time insights and predictive analytics, QBI facilitates companies in making data-based decisions that promote sustainability and energy efficiency. In addition, they offer consultancy services to fully exploit the potential value of this data.

On the other hand, Blue Module offers a robust platform specialized in sustainability and ESG management, making the collection and reporting of data more efficient, thereby reducing the complexity around sustainability compliance for companies.

This collaboration aims for an approach where sustainability data is accessible, effective, and seamless. The partnership between QBI and Blue Module symbolizes a progressive step towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions with a substantial impact.