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EXPO REAL: Digital Twins, PropTech, Data & Innovation

Hall A1, Stand132 - International Investors Lounge by Real Asset Media, EXPO Real, Munich | Oct 05, 13:00 - 14:00

The digitalisation of real estate is proceeding at a rapid pace, as technology and most recently AI continue to transform the sector. The investment community as well as cities are actively seeking and adopting innovative solutions to help drive efficiency as well as meet ESG goals. What are the key trends related to the commercial real estate sector and how will these impact on investors and owners? What are the opportunities and the risks?

How innovative cities reduce risks for investors? Investing in real estate always involves the assessment of risk, including how the building relates to the environment. How will it respond to climate change? Using digital twins can help predict how a building would perform both now but also in the future. How are cities using digital twins? What is their impact on building, planning and developing the cities of tomorrow? Which sectors, areas of real estate are benefitting the most from proptech?

  • What are the key trends and the main challenges?
  • How is technology helping deliver ESG compliance?
  • What is the impact of the increasing use of digital twins to simulate and analyse future performance of buildings, including energy efficiency?
  • How valuable is this kind of multi-layered imaging for creating a better integrated multi-sectoral future for urban development - particularly from a city perspective?
  • Is there a positive role for cities in sharing the insights from technology and digital twins with other cities and the broader market?
  • How is technology changing services delivery in the real estate sector? How is it evolving in terms of air quality?
  • What is the perspective of tenants in terms of the use of some of these innovative technologies? Are we seeing new benchmarks established?
  • What about information and data - how can they help asset management and efficiency?
  • What are the risks in terms of data security? What are the opportunities?
  • To what extent has the investment side embraced technology and innovation?
  • How can information & data help asset management, transform processes, create greater transparency?
  • What are the key disrupters and what are the opportunities?

Attendance is free but please register to ensure your place in person at The International Investors Lounge