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Blue Module introduces ESG Basic Scan: Instant insight into buildings' ESG performance

Image of the ESG Basic Scan introduced by Blue Module in May 2023

Blue Module launches the ESG Basic Scan, an advanced tool for quick insights into the ESG impact of real estate portfolios. Based on public data, it analyzes energy consumption and CO2 emissions, provides social indicators, and supports ESG regulations such as CSRD and SFDR.

The ESG Basic Scan analyzes and translates current energy consumption data into CO2 emissions using CRREM analysis. This provides investors with visibility into the carbon footprint of their entire portfolio and allows them to assess the sustainability of their investments. In addition to the focus on 'Energy' (E), the Basic Scan provides insights into 'Social aspects' (S), displaying indicators such as livability score, walkability score, heat stress, flood risk, and risk of wildfires.

Complying with SFDR and CSRD Jan Willem de Graaf, CTO of Blue Module: "We developed the Basic Scan against the backdrop of increasing ESG regulations such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). With the Basic Scan, real estate companies can quickly and easily access up-to-date ESG information about their portfolio, which can be immediately compared to leading standards such as CRREM and quickly reported, for example, for SFDR or CSRD."

CRREM is a method increasingly used in the real estate sector by major investors like ABP to measure and relate the actual CO2 emissions in the built environment to the Paris goals. It is a powerful tool that, unlike energy labels, provides insight into the actual behavior of real estate users.

However, working on 'Energy' (E) is not possible without understanding 'Social aspects' (S). Therefore, the Basic Scan also includes indicators such as livability score, walkability score, heat stress, flood risk, and risk of wildfires.

Enriched with exclusive ESG information De Graaf: "The Basic Scan is a first step. However, our approach allows us to go further and collect even more unique ESG data, such as energy data from smart meters, air quality, and tenant feedback. This provides even deeper insights and supports better decision-making." In addition to monitoring, Blue Module offers a comprehensive four-step process consisting of the Basic Scan, Further Measurement, Interpretation and Improvement, and Reporting.

De Graaf: "The software supports ESG process and project management based on the most leading standards and benchmarks such as BREEAM, WELL, and GRESB. These standards offer a practical approach for ESG projects that can be directly linked to regulations such as CSRD and SFDR. Certification processes can also be carried out in this way."